No porkies here
HOW many times have you heard the term he's/she's a fat pig – well the saying no longer holds water!
According to researchers at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board, Britain's pigs are 44% leaner than they were in the 1970s.
At one time, a pork roasting joint with an inch thick layer of fat and crunchy crackling was a mainstay of the Sunday lunch, with chefs saying fat was key. But as people became more concerned about their weight, farming's latest cross-bred varieties of pigs contain less fat. However, according to AHDB, many people still have an outdated view of pork.
A spokesman said: "British pigs are now 44% leaner than they were in the 1970s. Despite this, a survey showed that 52% of British people thought a pork medallion contained more saturated fat than a skinless chicken breast.
"Actually, pork medallions contain on average just 0.17g saturated fat per 100g compared to a skinless chicken breast, which contains on average 0.2g per 100g." 
And AHDB are famous for not telling porkies!

What a result!
IT WAS a fairly eclectic mix watching the sensational Scotland v England rugby game at last week's conference in Aviemore held by the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers of Scotland – but not all were in support of a Scottish team that literally tore apart the English.
This is caused by the fact that a lot of the H and H team – many of whom are from south of the Border – are members of the institute. Throw in the odd Irishman and it was not a comprehensive show of solidarity from the 'fans'!
The other thing to take away from the conference was that if you are planning to hold something like this in Aviemore, don't do it at MacDonald Hotels' Aviemore resort. From checking in to leaving it was a bit of an organisational disaster – but certainly not down to the skills of the IAAS' excellent secretary, Andrew Wright.
Great rugby result though and the hotel did manage a big screen for the auctioneers and their guests who romped through the official programme in time to watch the Bravehearts win.

The 'keeper and the coo
YOU couldn’t make it up – a coo has managed to floor Queen of the South's reserve goalie, Scott Henderson, putting him out of the team temporarily.|
The 19-year-old goal stopper was helping his dad out on the family farm when a runaway steer charged him, dumping him on his backside and injuring his shoulder.
It’s well-known that some supporters think their goalie couldn’t catch a cold, but not catching a cow is a new excuse for a goalstopper.
Scott has been told by footie bosses to stay away from the farm and stick to football while the steer involved was red carded.