WE'VE been gratified by the response to our Take a lead on responsible dog ownership' campaign and also a few readers have take the time to write in with their support:

Here's just a couple of responses:

SIR, – Thank you for starting a petition to get much stronger laws and penalties against the horrific sheep worrying by out of control dogs.

A few years past, we had to have nine pedigree Border Leicester ewe hoggs put down after being worried and tortured by two small, scally dogs. Stomachs, legs and heads were torn and there was blood all over the place. It was absolutely horrendous and it took weeks to get near the hoggs that escaped.

I sincerely hope I never see the like again,

William G Blackhall




SIR, – Well, done The Scottish Farmer on this campaign.

Like many, I have witnessed the horror of horrendous injuries caused by out of control dogs.

Alison Bastian

Castle Douglas.


Jennifer Jackson – I realise that any dog can worry sheep, but I'm really concerned about the number of worrying cases, caused by Husky dogs – a breed with the highest natural prey drive.

While I appreciate in many areas the Husky is the status dog of choice and owned by some right undesirable folks, is there any way that we can communicate with the Husky breed society, to encourage them to educate their 'responsible' members?

Linda Walker – Glad your bringing attention to this, we have had experience of irresponsible dog owners, it’s about time something is done about it!

Sign our petition here: http://www.thescottishfarmer.co.uk/takealead/