We have just come through one of the hardest winters we have had in a long time and seen a lot of thin ewes due to lack of feed available.

Draff to help ewes in milk and carrots are very hard to get as they were bought up by biodigester plants, and all other feed is in short supply.

We have had a very dry summer with grass burnt and cows will need to be fed if rain does not come. We cannot have animals starving and good animal feed going into an industrial process which is over subsidised with feed-in-tariff and claiming agriculture subsidies.

The public will be up in arms if they knew animal feed is being wasted in biodigesters to make us look green. We should be using household waste to run these plants rather than animal feed.

And just around the corner is the new Krone baler which will pelletise straw – this will kill the livestock industry. Government need ask themselves, do we feed the country or are we energy suppliers?

John Kirk

Rothiemoon Farm

Nethy Bridge