NOW HERE’S a new diversification project for farmers!

Have you ever considered how much the world’s most affluent animals earn? According to a piece of research carried out by pet food brand, Webbox, some of our four-legged friends are actually millionaires.

Its Pets of the Net website allows you to find out how much your salary compares with that of Instagram-famous pets with shocking – and somewhat depressing – results.

The Insta-famous pet salaries are considerable higher than the UK average salary of £27,600 per year. Taking the UK average, it would take ‘Grumpy Cat’ – an American celebrity feline – just 25 hours, 54 minutes and 16 seconds to earn that. Known for her permanently peeved facial expression, Grumpy Cat earns an estimated £25,570.78 in a day, compared to £75.62 per day based on the UK average.

Spotify-verified Doug the Pug, earns a tail-wagging £350,000 a year, which is 13 times more than the UK average salary! The most famous pug on the planet is well-known for his dress sense – dressing up as Harry Potter, Frozen’s Elsa, and even a taco! His daily earnings total just under £1000.

Even chickens are earning serious money. So, the news is – and you heard it here first – get some of those cooky pets, coos, sheep and horses down on video. It could be that they will be your passport to a fortune – it’s better than working!

Ewen the fashionista

It’s that time of year again when strange things happen at Nairn Show.

This year’s fun and frolics again feature the Macarthur family, from Newton of Budgate, and this time it’s the father of the household, Ewen, who is in the firing line.

On arrival back from the show and in preparation for the show dance, the family had a bit of time for ‘relaxation’ with their guests, Robert and Margaret Struthers (Robert had been judging the Texels). Irene then changed into her show dance attire and Ewen, obviously a keen fashionista, decided to change into some fresh jeans for the fray.

Unfortunately, he thought that the denims laid out on the bed were for him. They were, in fact, Irene’s that she’d just taken off and so poor Ewen was most perturbed to find that he had on a pair of jeans with no front pockets.

But, then, as the locals will aver, he rarely goes into his pockets anyway – especially at the show dance.

We also hear that the drink cabinets at Budgate are empty as, following the dance, the motley crew attending Sandy Hunter, of Wedderburn’s stag ‘do’ well and truly drank the hoose dry!

Thinking out of the box

IT SEEMS that Scotland’s Highland cattle breeders are maintaining their reputation for maximum fun and frolics ... wherever they go.

The East of Scotland Club recently put on a bus to the Great Yorkshire, including a few infiltrators from the West. It proved a boozy combo, with Pimm’s on tap – aren’t they getting posh – and more home made gin flavours then anyone knew possible!

However, one young (?) lady was lucky to be there as, prior to going down south, Jenne Singer took a kick in the unmentionables from her daughter, Amy’s recalcitrant heifer at Fettercairn Show.

She said: “It was a bit sore for me for a few days, but the regular application of ice helped relieve the pain.” Husband, John’s sympathy lasted for about four seconds, before he realised where she got the kick ... and opined that he was glad it didn’t get him ‘there’!.