I felt it was important to get in contact with The Scottish Farmer after Monday night's BBC 1 Disclosure programme.

I feel VERY strongly that this tarred all Scottish farmers with the same brush and that it was extremely one sided. I cannot believe how this Samantha woman can be deemed a journalist! I have had several farmers on the 'phone on the back of this so-called ‘documentary’ worried about the impact of it.

Not once was it mentioned that farmers do have alternatives to the Shoot or Sail market – it was almost as if she was intent on giving all Scottish farmers a really bad name. And don’t get me started on the NFU representative, if that’s indicative of the standard of media representation they have then who on earth are farmers paying their membership to?

What can we do? I may not exactly support exporting calves but any competition can only be good for the UK farming industry which, as we all know, has the highest welfare standards in the world. I feel very strongly that I want to put a statement out there representing Buitelaar.

The programme also stated that no English calves were exported, only calves from Scotland which also is not true. I feel that farmers are again, being given a raw deal.

Liz Hoggarth

Buitelaar Group