AS IS usual with Blackie people they tend not to get too blasé about things, though we understand that David Ferguson, from Drannandow, who topped last weekend’s tup sale at Newton Stewart with a sheep at £42,000 has really splashed the cash on an important piece of farm machinery after the event.

The Raider can reveal that he has invested in a brand new shiny piece of metal – a new galvie wheelbarrow, with a fully inflated tyre and everything. It would be rude to suggest it will be used to cairt the money aboot!

A close shave

THEY SAY age doesn’t come itself, but Matt Auld, from Ayrshire and stockman for the Pollok Highland cattle fold, in Glasgow, excelled himself this week when he travelled north to the Highland cattle sale in Oban.

No doubt packing and travelling in some haste, Matt seemed confused (more than normal) when he couldn’t find his electric razor the morning after the usual ‘hectic’ agenda in Oban.

What he did find, though, was the house phone which he had obviously mistaken for the shaver. We understand Mrs Auld was less than pleased.

Fun times

There’s some changes mooted for the breed boys and girls that may or may not curtail their Highland fling in Oban – namely that it is being bandied about that it could become a one-day show and sale, rather than the two-day event it is at the moment.

However, the funsters – led by ‘King’ Alan Prentice and his princes and princess, the likes of Catherine McKechnie and Rosemary Hunter and their respective spouse, Jim and Stephen – can be rest assured that their will be no curtailment of their activities which involves ferries, pubs, clubs and dancing. The Raider would expect them to still go for the full weekend anyway!

Bed breakers

TWO OF the aforementioned, Rosemary and Stephen Hunter, from Allanton, Shotts, have also become famous for serial misdemeanours involving demolishing beds.

The pair recently holidayed in Croatia and, embarrassingly managed to engender some critical damage to the bed they were allotted. It would seem that not much changes, as their wee cot in the Royal Hotel, in Oban, was also similarly hit by malfunction.

We think we should be told what’s going on.

Burley’s barnet gets a make over

RECENTLY, New Cumnock Young Farmers held a charity auction and dance in aid of the Ayrshire Hospice, in the workshop of local haulage firm, Iain Watt haulage.

With Wallets of Castle Douglas auctioneer, John Smith, in control of the bidding, many thousands of pounds were raised for the charity from the well-watered bidders surrounding the stage.

When all items were sold beyond expectations, it seems a miracle happened on the night.

After much persuasion from his pals, the famous ‘Burley’ – AKA Gordon Smith – the round baler man agreed to get his hair cut for this noble cause. After the frantic bidding raised more than £600, up stepped hairdresser, Aileen Neil, to tackle the job.

This was a brave move considering the head of hair she was confronted with which looked like a curly and burly, Ken Dodd.

After much snipping sweating and the removal of two birds nests, half a cheeseburger and a spanner, Burley stood up looking 10 years younger, but feeling 10 degrees colder and shouting for a bunnet.