Sir, – We live in an age of 'fake news' – it is got to have the 'Oh' and 'Ah' – it is got to be sensational to get the crisp-munching audience's attention. The News of the World had that to a 'T' until it stepped over the line.

Did Sam Poling, the hired hand for the totally funded body from the public purse, BBC, step over the line when it aired the programme 'The dark side of dairy'?

This was a rubbish programme. It corrupted the truth and truthful people just like the News of the World. Truth is a commodity that the public don’t want to hear, just corrupted versions!

Has anyone asked what salaries the fame-seeking reporter commands? Some, we know, earn £100,000-plus – and how many food producers take a wage in excess of £100k out of their business? I would guess not many! Not many prizes either or awards given to those that prey on hard workers by the idle?

Let me give you a bit of advice. I am an ex-councillor who used to get interviewed by a BBC reporter that used to edit what we said, seeking legal counsel if necessary. If you give an interview and not get paid, you have copyright to what you said and if it is edited outwith your control you have the basis to sue for breach of copyright.

Since Sam Poling and the BBC has opined that the farming industry as a safe bet for preying on the innocent and despite the stupid comments by the 'Disgruntled Drover', be aware of people coming to your place of work, they are not there for your benefit!

A truthful farmer found out what it was really like!

Angus A Macdonald