Sir, – In last week’s edition, you featured Doug Avery’s recent tour of Scotland in which more than 2000 people heard of his battle with depression and how he overcame it to achieve a more fulfilled and positive outlook on life.

The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS), in association with RSABI, was only too pleased to support Doug’s tour. Clearly, he connected with those in the sector who are feeling the pressure – not least because of forthcoming changes to legislation and weather challenges.

RHASS is pleased to support The Scottish Farmer’s mental health series to continue the conversation that Doug helped bring to the forefront of the industry. As Doug discussed – we cannot change impact external factors, but what we can change is how we react to them. The industry needs to work together to support who are facing challenges and equip them with the tools they need in order to overcome them.

RHASS will continue to support grants and awards to drive the industry forward and is always open to new ways in which we can support the sector. Doug Avery’s tour was an example of our ambition to work with industry partners to promote and protect our rural industries.

Our door is always open to new ideas and initiatives to help RHASS fulfil its charitable remit.

Alan Laidlaw

Chief Executive RHASS,

Royal Highland Centre,