Our own sheep ‘queen’ at The SF, Patsy Hunter and her husband, Ian, from Dalchirla, Muthill, put their hands in their pockets – which can be a strain at times – for a good cause last weekend when they bought the painting ‘Market day at Dalmally’ for £2000.

The good cause was to raise funds for Scotland’s rural charity, RSABI, and the painting had been donated by its owner, former UA managing director, Alan Watson, who was given it on his retirement in 1999. It was painted by the late John Prentice.

Some wags have noted that the beast in the foreground is a stag, rather than a Blackface sheep – which would have been more suited to Dalchirla’s tastes, though The Raider remembers well that Patsy’s late father, Graham McClymont, did like a bit of venison. Anyway, just so that neither Patsy nor Ian try to blank out the stag and put in its place a Blackie tup, the painting will be on display at Ingliston House, home of the RHASS.