Should we believe them again? It's that time of year when the NFUS are electing their presidential candidates. It was great to hear Martin Kennedy talking about the long standing plea for simplification in the support process for farmers, but to my knowledge making mistakes is not a crime.

Then again the NFUS refuse to seek legal advice on whether the inspection process abides by equality laws. At present Andrew McCornick has absolutely refused to seek advice on whether the present inspection process is fair and legal. We've all heard stories of people having a rough time with inspections and as someone who has suffered from depression as a direct result of this process, I can assure you what we've heard is only the tip of the iceberg and I wouldn't be surprised at the frequency of these two events occurring together.

As for hope for the future, how often have we heard the next changes to the CAP will be simpler and fairer? It's a phrase they have used far too often to be believed now. Having left this in the hands of the union for far too long, maybe we need to take a new approach. That is why I'm proposing a petition to be put forward that will hopefully trigger a full inquiry into the circumstances to some of these instances where an inspection process has led to human tragedy.

To make contact find me at @sorryimdyslexic on Facebook. If you're not too good with technology like myself you can phone me on 07792583893.

Sandy McCreath