We all get confused sometimes, but I believe there is one clear rule when you are a vegan that shouldn’t slip the mind. You don’t eat any animal products.

It seems that new research shows that bizarrely, some 27% of Britons reckon that vegans cannot eat fruit, while 6% think they can eat fish.

Even vegans themselves are confused, some 15% think it is fine to eat butter, 13% say they still enjoy eating eggs, and 14% are still consuming cheese.

The UK has 550,000 vegans who refuse to eat any food containing animal products, but watch out honey-bees, as almost a quarter of those surveyed think honey is a vegan friendly food.

The big question is, has a packet of cheese and onion crisps ever been within a foot of anything dairy-like. On closer inspection it turns out they do contain milk products, so they are off the menu too. Hard cheese!