(This was an entry at this year's Drymen Show School's Poetry Competition, written by Beth Ronald, age 10, from Gartfairn Farm, Drymen, as her take on the Farming Year.)

January Snow falls heavily in the winter air,

Animals hibernate – nocturnal with care,

Farmers feed their animals - silage, cake and hay,

To keep them healthy and strong through each dark day.

February On the farm, scanning has begun,

The farmer needs help from his daughter and son,

Orange, blue and red sprays are used,

So that singles, twins and triplets don’t get confused.

March In the calving shed, new life as we look,

Newborns trying to stand and take their first sook,

Sometimes need help to find the milk teet,

But when they do, the frothy colostrum is a treat.

April The lambing shed is bursting out,

When one’s lambing there is a shout,

Driving around in the quad and trailer,

It’s all about the sheep, not time to get out the baler.

May All the cows line up in front of the crush,

Getting preened, clipped, BRUSH –BRUSH.

Goats, sheep, chickens and the rest,

Of the animals which are best of the best.

June The sheep are gathering in,

To be sheered and the wool not to be thrown in the bin,

Tied in a ball and put in a bag,

Sewed up with string and labelled with a tag.

July The chopper is out running down the field,

Tractors and trailers collecting the yield,

Tea outside is something you can’t beat,

Gammon, potatoes and ice cream – what a treat.

August Off to the market with the pickup and trailer,

With Charolais, Herefords and Salers.

To hand the animals over to the auctioneer,

Hoping for the best value whether it’s a cow or a steer.

September Now you can see the harvest moon,

Barley, wheat and oats are coming soon,

The combine needs oiling as it’s to work til all jobs are done,

Including baling and stacking under the sun.

October is the month to sell,

Prime lambs which have grown so well,

Farmers hopefully smiling in delight,

If their average price is right!

November By now the weather is getting cold,

All the lame tups must be sold,

While the suitable rams have a busy month…

Mating and hopefully making a lamb….or two!

December Oh goodness, winter’s here again,

No doubt lots of wind, wind, rain and rain,

Twelve quick months – a busy year,

The start of a new one getting near.