What a time we have had since Christmas and the pantomime season isn’t over yet!

On January 3, the clever fool Michael Gove warned at the Oxford Farming Conference about Hard Biscuit Brexit, saying that there would be ‘considerable turbulence’ for British farmers in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and this was a ‘grim and inescapable fact’ with lamb exports facing tariffs of at least 40% under WTO rules.

This is the same man who expounded on the virtues of Brexit to the Tory Party Conference on October 1, 2018, as it would ‘sweep away barriers that have stood in the way of modernising farming’, so we can all invest ‘in new technology to help (us farmers) provide a harvest for the world’.

Does this man need to see a Doctor quickly about his ‘visions’? Perhaps he has a sheep with eight legs in mind so everyone can enjoy lamb shanks.

Then on January 5 he is at it again. Interviewed in The Times he replied to the question: ‘Greggs vegan sausage roll or McDonald’s veggie wrap?’ With: ‘Greggs, its already sold out in Westminster.’

So true! Bet none of them listened to that wonderful Christmas song that was top of the charts: ‘We built this City on Sausage Roll’. To remind you of some of the lyrics ‘If you have never had one and don’t recognise the taste, it’s a cylindrical bit of pork wrapped up in a puff pastry case. Beige, baked and golden. Holier than grace. Grab it whilst it’s piping hot and shove it in your face’.

Now I know what you are thinking!

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Adrian Hill

Woodside Farm



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