THE 'B' word loomed large this week and it's hard to get away from this damned topic, however much we would all like to move on.

And, it is a 'damned' topic. It has been damned from the start – and the start goes back to the initial lobbying of voters prior to the referendum. Put simply, nobody presented any real facts with which the electorate could make a truly informed decision and nobody quantified the intended consequences, let alone was anyone sage enough to elucidate what the unintended consequences would be.

NFUS president, Andrew McCornick, has called it a 'beggars' muddle' more than once. He is spot on. And to keep that theme going, it beggars belief that we arrived at the state we did this week with a resounding defeat for the government's Brexit plans, just a few weeks before we are supposed to formally leave the European Union on March 29.

As we went to press, the very people who inflicted the devastating defeat to Teresa May's exit plan, were fully expected to rally behind her government to save it from Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn's 'vote of no confidence' late on Wednesday evening. The turkeys wouldn't vote for Christmas, would they?

But this political indecision has serious repercussions for the nation's businesses, not the least of which is agriculture. As well as the very serious consequences of currency fluctuations for the industry – some of which, for farming, are positive, it has to be said – there will be few who would argue against the fact that stability for long-term planning is more needed than short-term gains from sterling's weakness, welcome though they have been.

It is a sobering thought that the forthcoming calving season, will see cows being put back in calf that might still officially be part of the EU stats this same time next year.

Will we be out by the time they calve down in 2020? At the moment such a doomsayer's scenario looks like a 50/50 bet and not one to stake your entire Basic Farm Payment on and certainly not a gamble for your LFASS payments – they're diminishing at a great rate of knots on their own without the help of Ladbrokes!

Such is the obfuscation going on, it's difficult to gauge what people actually want at this time. That is why we have launched a simple, on-line poll to ascertain what farmers really think after all the political machinations and u-turns.

You can tell us whether you: Want 'the current deal'; a 'new deal'; 'no deal'; a 'second referendum'; or a 'general election'. And that's why we would urge you to take part in the poll which can be found within our website and specifically at