I DON’T know whether it is all being contrived or not, but yet another ‘study’ has found that those who eat 10 greens a day – double the Government’s recommendation – are happier than those who don’t.

The experts say that eating your greens can give you vital vitamins which may ward off anxiety and even depression by boosting the production of the happiness hormone, serotonin.

Me, I don’t mind veggies as long as there’s also a bit of meat on the plate. To my mind, facing a plateful of nothing but green stuff would be pretty depressing in itself!

A rude awakening

BULL SALE revellers in Stirling last weekend had a rude awakening – indeed, if they were in their beds in the first place – when the alarm bells sounded.

The Barcelo Highland Hotel was duly evacuated, though some were in a bit of disarray following the Beef Shorthorn’s annual bun fight. It was not a fire alarm, but some sort of chemical spillage which caused those in the hotel not to be allowed back in except to pick up their belongings, as it was expected to be closed for investigation work.

So, while some were able to ‘knock-up’ their friends for a sleep on their couch, or went to the Golden Lion down the road which managed to put some up, others headed straight to the market for an early morning inspection of their bulls.

Some, we heard, even managed to bed down in a comfy straw pen. Given some stockmens’ penchant for overloading the straw ration, it was to be hoped that none actually fell out of their ‘bed’ the next morning. Never has the bacon roll counter been so popular!