My Lord!

Remember me? You called my observations on Michael Gove’s Post Brexit greenplated toxic plans for agriculture and the environment ‘s...e’ at a breakfast food major landowners in the House of Commons Terrace Dining Room A on October 31, 2018, where Gove very rudely failed to turn up. The Scottish Farmer gave that some publicity I recall.

Now I noticed from press reports you were about the Strangers Bar late at night this week attempting to stop your Brexiteer friend Ross Thomson MP making a complete arse of himself. I do wonder why you bothered. Your views involve a totally false narrative of how Britain won the Second World War but then was occupied by Germany and surrendered our sovereignty.

They involve lying to the British people about the benefits of free trade, which by the way is never going to be available to us and the financial benefits of Brexit, when in fact there are none, only penalties.

Perhaps you haven’t read that the Japanese are going to offer us a far worse trade deal than the one we have currently as part of the EU. Perhaps you haven’t read that the US Congress won’t pass any trade deal unless the Good Friday agreement is respected in full.

Perhaps you haven’t read that even if the Maybot deal is agreed that most countries haven’t agreed to afford the UK the same terms automatically, so many businesses will face massive problems. Perhaps you don’t realise the Maybot deal doesn’t cover services which is so vital to our economy.

I think Brexit is the work of Vladimir Putin and the devil and that no patriotic person could want to undermine the institutions that have kept us safe all my lifetime, wish to make the United Kingdom and its people poorer in all circumstances and wish to do diminish our influence so we become a vassal rule taker in all circumstances.

I wish you both the punishment that Dante would have reserved for people who espouse Brexit without any plan to achieve it safely.

Read the new poetry translation of 'Dante’s Inferno' by Alasdair Gray, which is really an advance copy of the Tory Party Manifesto Brexiteer edition. It is called ‘Hell’. I enclose a photo of it.

Yours most sincerely

Adrian Hill