At considerable risk of being sent to The Tower, mart officials refused entry to HM The Queen's two Highland bull entries for annual Oban sales, recently, because they did not have a ring in their noses.

And quite right too. The rules are in place for health and safety reasons and as a requirement of insurance. The Raider understands that an offer to ring the bulls there and then by a vet was taken up by others in the same boat, which would have solved the stooshie.

That said, we hope that order has been restored and the message received by all loud and clear – and that goes for all breeds. If anyone was ever in charge of a wee Jersey bull – another of HM's favourite breeds – then you will know that a ring was the only way to control these feisty wee beggars!

Right place, wrong day

Avid sheepdog trial fans George and Hazel Mair, Meikleholm, Lockerbie, who hosted the international dog trial in 2014, were all set for a weekend in Portpatrick to take in the Border Cup dog trial competition.

On Friday they set off to Lochans, near Stranraer, did a bit of sight-seeing round Loch Ryan and Leswalt. Beautiful scenery, tremendous weather and came across some farm names that were familiar, having had a lovely day touring they headed back to Portpatrick for a second night in their hotel.

After breakfast on Sunday, they headed out to view the collies and their handlers at the trial. Coming to a field they were certain would be the trial field, no collies or handlers were to be seen.

They then rang up a dog trialling aficionado to find out if they were in the wrong place, to be told: “Yer in the richt place but the wrang day, the trial was yesterday!” Red faces all round.