Sir, – As a past chairman of the Scottish region of the NSA I was disappointed, although not altogether surprised, to read of George Milne's resignation from his post as development officer with the organisation.

I believe that the majority of people involved in the sheep industry in Scotland will be unaware of just how much work George has done for them over the past 20 years. He has a range of skills and attributes which are unique and invaluable to our industry, particularly at this troubled time.

There are few folk who command the respect of their peers in the sheep industry through their experience and ability as much as George. In his time in office, he has forged close links with civil servants and elected officials.

Over the years there have been huge challenges, including foot-and-mouth and the subsequent tagging regulations, the splitting of carcases, and now the LFASS debacle. George has met them all in the same professional way, by fully understanding the problems and attempting to work towards a solution which gave the greatest good, or the least problems, to the biggest number of sheep producers.

His approach has always been measured and pragmatic, and he always worked for the overall good of the sheep industry. He always managed to keep his eye firmly fixed on the goal and petty squabbles about inconsequential issues washed over him.

Without George fighting our corner, we are in a much more vulnerable position and I sincerely hope that another lobbying organisation can make use of his negotiating and debating skills. I wish to thank George personally for his contribution to the survival of the Scottish sheep industry and I am sure there are many who join me.

Rod McKenzie