Reading the two letters about beavers on last week's Page 5, was it the same person that wrote them?

NFUS states: 'While NFU Scotland acknowledges the value that beavers can potentially add to Scotlands biodiversity...' What does that mean, enlighten us?

What does this alien species do to help Scotland? How did they arrive in the country in the first place?

On the same page, Roseanna Cunningham states that she is aware of the circumstances of beavers appearing in the Tay, but she is crafty by not telling how they arrived in Scotland in the first place.

To me it seems that Scotland's balance of nature is a free-for-all for every crackpot who thinks that it needs a NEW type of animal/bird to enhance its biodiversity, especially for academics and so-called experts that don’t know their A from E.

Roseanna being from Australia should know the devastation that introduced animals can do to the balance that has lasted for years – the sample is the rabbit and fox that was taken to Australia, the rabbit ate the grass, the fox ate the native lesser animals!!

Should someone take a pair of breeding crocodiles from Edinburgh Zoo and release them in some Highland loch, once they start breeding, will they become part of the biodiversity of Scotland, will they become a viewing platform for the idle rich, probably will until someone loses a leg? Then they will get an SSSI.

This SNP and the NFUS is just a monkey-see monkey-do exercise – it is a springboard for the introduction of the lynx.

Pat the union on the head, stroke 'who's a good dog' then whack it over the back!

Scottish television has already made a fool of the opinion maker employed by the NFUS – don’t let the SNP treat you the same.

Today politics and union go cap in hand? Pee in the same pot?

Experience teaches fools

Angus A Macdonald,