Sir, – Is the political purpose of the Scottish Land Commission to bring land under direct control by the SNP and the Green Party? If so, lo and behold, immediately they have found what they need.

A cornucopia of oppression – viz: Intimidation, fear, vindictiveness and disempowerment impacting on resident's health; tradesmen blacklisted; employment contacts terminated and physical acts, such as car tyres being slashed. The blacklist goes on.

It demands 'systematic change beyond improving the management of land in private hands'. I wonder what they mean? Do they imply that such dictatorship, as it alleges, is general in Scotland at present?

Is dictatorship by the state any better? For example, 'they' industrialise the countryside with windmill factories, regardless of residents' objections. The Land Commission must do better than branding land owners as a Mafia and specify where, how and where their accusations apply.

How many of them have direct experience in land management and farming? Do they really know what they are talking about?

James Taylor


Newton Stewart