Sir, – Maimie Paterson's letter on succession, in last week's issue, pretty well hit the nail on the head. Our situation was forced upon us when I developed serious heart problems.

My oldest daughter was 'man' enough to step up and after an interview at 'Shire Hall', took on the farm. My youngest daughter decided she wanted to farm as well.

After I spoke to the powers that be at Shire Hall and we looked at a small farm near Soham. However, once she and her partner did the sums, she decided her four day flexi-week at the council with generous pension provision, was a safer bet.

The farm she looked at has since been added to a neighbouring farm and this is the way things seem to be going. I know of two farms where the sons plan to choose a different career, although on one of the farms, the daughter is planning to take it on ... and why not?

I love my three daughters as madly and deeply as I love my wife, but the only one that I worry about is the daughter that took on the farm. That is not meant to be sexist, she is perfectly capable, maybe it's a dad/daughter thing.

Nonetheless, if Brexit happens, there could well be changes and it will be more important than ever that the industry does what it can to support and encourage the next generation, just as it is equally important to support those who wish to exit the industry.

John Maxwell