I see the latest from the non meat eating fraternity has come out with the notion that you should ‘hug a slug’ – an author of a new book says that vegans would rather plants wilted than kill a slug.

Now, call me daft (?), but I wonder how that is going to allow them to eat. If the slugs and beasties were left to their own account, there’d be hee-haw left for anyone else.

Almost as ludicrous was the author’s assertion that we should resort to ‘humanure’ to fertilise fields. Sometimes, you just couldnae make it up!

Doing some good

THE AMOUNT of money that the farming industry raises for charity never fails to astound me – and that included meeting with Peter Watson and Grant Rogerson from ANM, last week, who told me that fundraisers held with their market system had generated almost £0.5m for good causes.

The main recipients of that were Doddie’5 campaign for motor neurone research and Maggies Centres, which offer support mechanisms for cancer sufferers and their families.

However, it strikes me that a tally up of all considerations made by the industry is well worth tallying up. Does anyone out there know?

A bum-number?

ON THE subject of fundraising, I see big George Lawrie, from Kinross, is going to undertake a charity tractor tour of Scotland in aid of the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) which is celebrating 20 years of taking the ‘classroom to the countryside’ this June.

Not for him, though, the bum-numbing experience of taking some ancient old open-topped chariot around the shires. George will be travelling in the full comfort and air-conditioned cab of a brand new tractor supplied by Massey Ferguson, via the Hamilton Ross Group.

He hopes to travel 600 miles to 12 Scottish schools in the tractor with the aim of raising £6000 before a ‘grand finale’ victory drive into the Royal Highland Show. This might just means he’s spent more time in a tractor in that week – June 12 to 19 – than he’s accumulated in the past 20 years (I’m sure to get a clip around the lug for that one).

Follow the Facebook page and check out JustGiving to pledge your support and help with the challenge of raising £10 for every mile travelled – www.rhet.org.uk/tractortour