When you go for a wee break with your other half, there’s an expectation that there will be a strict ‘no nagging’ rule employed.

Try telling that to the couple – as revealed on Twitter – who stayed recently with Caroline Millar’s ‘Hideaway Experience’, near Dundee.

In full relaxation mode, the couple had settled in to their hot tub at their luxury accommodation at Balkello Farm, Auchterhouse, when a friendly horse leaned over into the tub for a good long drink! Having spent a cold day out in a field near there this week, I’m not surprised the gee-gee needed a hot drink!

Bums on coos

SOME of the poshest bums in the world could well be flying comfortably around the world, courtesy of Scottish cows!

This week, Glasgow Airport welcomed the world’s largest commercial aircraft – an Emirates Airbus A380 – which features leather made right here in Scotland. In fact, the massive airliner probably flew over its Glasgow-based leather manufacturer, Muirhead Leather, at one point on its visit.

The business, which is part of the Scottish Leather Group, carefully selected the best of its leather for the Emirates airliner and it is being used exclusively throughout the first and business class cabins.

Emirates plan to fly the giant aircraft on regular flights from Glasgow to Dubai between now and September.

Old friends – good stories

WHEN AN old friend passes away, it’s natural to think of stories from the past – and that’s what happened to me last week when the sad news came through of the death of Alan McCaig, who once owned the Cambusbarron herds of Angus and Charolais cattle.

At the height of his success, he took an Angus bull to the Royal Show called Early Sunset Coalition, which he owned with Tom Adam. The legendary stockman, the late Dave Smith, was in charge of said bull – as he had been when he won the inter-breed at the Royal Highland in 1991.

He was massive and many thought he was the biggest bull in the show yard at Stoneleigh, possibly the heaviest Angus ever seen. Later, Dave Smith revealed to Alan that: “Jist in case there was ony doot, I secretly put some weight on the weighbridge wi’ ma fit tae make sure!”

I am sure more stories will emerge, as Al was a bit of a legend himself, a good shot, fisherman, bon-viveur and raconteur.