Sir, – Re: your article 'Get ready to harvest Gold' – has Gordon Rennie jumped the gun by planting 'alien species' without a licence from the UK government?

Having googled 'Plant Research NZ', this company specialise in hybridisation, or GE. In their search bar 'L5' has no result. Is this type of seed top secret, yet it is grown in Fife!

The French courts ruled that vegan companies could not use the word 'milk' or 'meat' to sell plant-sourced products, as milk comes from warm blooded animals that have mammary glands, plants do not, and it is misleading the consumer and the same can be said for meat.

GM and GE seeds are unlawful to be planted in Europe, and a special licence is needed if such a variety is grown and the crop must not be used in human food.

Maybe Gordon wants to be first in the plant world, in the UK, but we haven't left Europe as yet!

May I guess what is next venture will be? Bees! Fife is the land of milk and honey ...

Angus A Macdonald