Last week's edition of The SF showed a picture of an alien bird brought to Scotland from the Artic Circle, so that it can entertain tourists.

Crofters and farmers are paying the price for this tomfoolery, that is the one and only brainwave of SNH and RSPB, these organisations try to portray they represent the care of nature, but do they? Strip off the veneer and an ugly picture appears. These guys are a 9-to-5 brigade, and only work five days a week!

They have the power to persuade politicians of the same ilk as themselves, that their brainwave is the way forward how nature can be controlled according to their dreamt up rules!

But what about the rest, nature itself and all the land managers that work 24/7, for some reason they have been pushed out of the equation?

The people in dreamland have so far unbalanced nature, protection by the rule of human law is given to all types of birds that kill and take advantage of a lesser species. Typical a human trait where the rich at the top feeds off the slaves at the bottom!

Do they realise that the little lamb in the eagles claws is probably still alive, and will be torn to pieces once it arrives at the nest? What a way to die, just to appease smart alecs!

This bird should never have been taken into Scotland, and like I have already said, the best place for it is the bottom of the Minch!

Or should this type of bird be relocated to parkland within cities, it would soon reduce the number of roaming cats and dogs, and the tourists wouldn’t have far to travel to see an eagle, and we in the West coast get on with our lives, raising stock for livelihood

Angus A Macdonald