Now there's the sausedge!

THERE'S a right auld stooshie going on about square sausage.

Never mind the debate about whether to call it square or Lorne sausage, now Aldi wants to call it a sausedge!

Launched recently on to the market is its square pork-based offering, which is selling at £1.79 per pack. It claimed the sausedge was a genius new idea – jings crivvens, help ma boab, the natives are rightly up in arms. WE invented Lorne sausage hunners of years ago.

Time to apply for a Protected Geographical Indication before we leave the EU, after which time it will be too late!

Auld papers

GOT some spare room and time on your hands?

Then one of our readers would like to know if you want every edition of The Scottish Farmer going back to the 1980s. She’s not able to store them any longer and so wondered if anyone had any use for them, or would know of someone who would?

There's a lot of history and reading in there ... a good wee idea for someone's retirement? Give Lorna Jamieson in our office a call (0141 302 7744) if you are interested and we will act as a go-between with our reader.

Trains a go-go

Veteran farming campaigner, John Cameron, was in fine form at the BVA dinner, in Holyrood, this week – despite have hurt his hand thanks to a recalcitrant Hereford coo.

He told me that some of his beloved train collection – and these are not the toy versions! – are up for sale. But 'No 9' as he called it, was definitely not up for sale. That famous train, also known as the Union of South Africa, will remain with him he said – "I just couldn't part with that one," he told The Raider.

John saved it in the 1960s when that particular class of train, the Gresley ‘A4’ Pacific, was being scrapped.