Sir, – In a recent edition (May 25), James Porter wrote about all the measures we will have to take to cut carbon emissions and greenhouse gases to save our world from 'climate emergency' and impending disaster.

Then, we had Dr Keith Dawson writing in another recent edition, that 'current atmospheric level of cO2 are only a quarter of the optimum for plant life and growth.'

I am sure you will be well aware that many university professors and experts in various climate-related fields in the US and Europe, are on record claiming that man-made climate change is totally false and are a deliberate hoax.

Temperatures are not rising any more than they have always done in the last, say, 100 years. Granted, there have been variations over thousands of years and sunspots have an 11-year-cycle, which can cause a variation of a degree or two in the heat we receive.

Arctic ice and antarctic ice do melt in the summer, but then reform the next winter in temperatures down to -60 degrees. Ice floating in water is already nine-tenths under sea level and when it melts in summer, it has no effect whatsoever on sea levels.

Therefore, costly efforts to cut cO2 and greenhouse gases are completely unnecessary and a waste of time. Also, saying the sea levels will rise to flood low lying areas shows lamentable ignorance of basic science.

Air pollution is a different subject and we must praise efforts to cut fumes from traffic, especially in cities.

I am really surprised that there is so little in the newspapers from those not persuaded that there is a 'climate emergency'. I suspect there is a conspiracy to keep them quiet.

Alexander Brownlee


West Lothian.