One minute he was powering a shearing machine by pedalling a bike, next he was at the President’s luncheon, then he was commentating on the ‘Shindig at the Show’ and at all points in between.

If there is something that Jimmy Warnock – the non-stop boingy man at the head of the Royal Highland and Agricultural Society – is taking for all that energy, The Raider wants some of it. I could bottle it and make a fortune ... and retire.

Full marks to Jimmy though as he smoothed over the gripes, kept the troops entertained and generally just popped up when you least expected him too.

So much so, The SF staff are convinced there were at least three of him of him running around. ‘I just saw him at the sheep’ ... ‘Naw he was at Honky’s Hoose’ ... ‘Na’ he’s at the horses’ ... Big question is: Just how many Jimmy’s were running about. Answers on a fag packet please ...

Davie meets the Polis

Well, that’s it done and dusted for another year.

There is no doubt many farmers’ lives revolve around the Highland Show, with the four-day event providing not only a showcase to display the best of their livestock and countryside wares but also a chance to catch up with friends old and new over a drammie or 10 ...

It also provides the perfect opportunity for who shall we say – well-kent, straight-laced, T-total, doggy men?!? (are there such people?) to ‘get their own back!’

When it comes to a few pranks, there is no one better to deliver than big Davy Gray, from Drumnessie, Banton, let’s just say the boot was one the other foot when one well dressed up shepherdess got the better of him.

Following a slight ‘dispute’ with the local Gendarmerie, which revolved around the big man hiding in a wool bag to escape the men in blue, he certainly got his comeuppance when former policewoman, Mhairi Davidson, provided a star turn in her old uniform.

With notebook in hand, PC Davidson certainly put the wind up oor Davie as handcuffed to his own sheep pen, he was read out his rights, in front of a growing crowd. Now, while it was a hot day, we’re not sure if his beetroot face was a result of the sun, an over indulgence from the previous night, or sheer humiliation and embarrassment, but it certainly had the desired effect.

What we want to know is: What’s she doing with an old Police uniform?

What lost dug?

There was also fun and games down the caravan lines which strangely enough for some continued all the way until they got home.

Blackface Sheep Breeders’ Association secretary, Aileen McFadzean, was worse for wear when she was witnessed, on more than one occasion, at the wheel of a mobility scooter, but it appears her ‘ill-health’ continued when she got back to her Perthshire home.

But, keen to clean out their caravan and make a hole in the massive load of washing after the show, Aileen battled on, only to collapse in a heap on Tuesday night.

Imagine how she felt when, desperate for a cuddle from her miniature Schnauzer bitch, Ginny, the dog was unable to be found. Posts on social media came to no avail, but then poor Ginny was heard barking in the locale when she caught a whiff of that night’s tea being cooked for big George.

No, she wasn’t found up to her neck in cow poo or having been half way down a rabbit burrow, but where Aileen left her – in the caravan!

That’s dedication!

And such was the enthusiasm and excitement to attend this year’s big show, that several forgot vital pieces of equipment, mobile phones and even animals, which is all well and fine if you only live a few miles away from Ingliston, but it’s a different ball game if you live in Morayshire.

Imagine the disgust, when Keith beef and sheep farmer, Graeme Smith, from Towiemore, got all the way down to Stirling, only to get a telephone call from his brother to say that he’d locked his dog in the farmhouse. So, he drove all the way back to Towiemore and back down to the show in one day.

Now that’s dedication.