WHAT came first: The chicken or the egg?

It’s an age-old question that’s been brought up to date with the controversy of whether Scotch salmon, really is Scottish.

While Scotch Beef and Lamb has to be born, reared and fed in Scotland to qualify it for the all important Scotch label, it seems that the salmon industry is based on imported ova from mainly Norway to keep stocks up. Last year, it imported 65m eggs to support the ‘Scottish’ industry.

The Scottish Salmon Producers Association has hit back at detractors, pointing out that all imported eggs are subject to stringent health checks and that they hatch and complete their life-cycle in Scottish waters.

Wonder what would happen if 90% of Scotch beef was produced from imported embryos?

Large cojones

THERE’S always a laugh to be had around the show ringsides.

None more so than recently when stockman, Colin Fordyce, was showing the Smith family’s big show bull, Drumsleed Hivy, heard from beside the ring: “Would you look at the baws oan that.” To which Colin looked between his own legs and quipped: “Thanks very much!”

Judge for yourself ... the bull in question’s (at least we think it was the bull!) picture is on page 18.