So, the delights of the humble Ayrshire early tatties are to be immortalised and protected by EU ‘protected geographical indicator’ (PGI) statute. And rightly so!

Well done to those involved in achieving this for what is probably our most revered early summer tattie. As it’s too late for using as a marketing tool this year, roll on next year to make the most of its newly protected status.

The king of the earlies (or is it a queen?), Epicure, must have been well named, as this variety lives up to its name, especially when smothered in guid Scottish butter and eaten straight from the dreel.

Ayrshire new potatoes, Stornoway black pudding and Scotch beef/lamb – all helped along the way by Scotch whisky. Now there’s a treat only we can lay claim to!

Time for cranachan to join them?

Love at first sight

THOSE within earshot – but not sight – of the judging for the inter-breed sheep at the Great Yorkshire might have been confused by the judge, Roderick ‘Rocket’ Runciman’s reason-giving for the championship nod.

Looking at his choice of champion, a pretty little Dutch-spotted sheep from Ali Jackson, he told the commentator: “Well she looked at me ... and I looked at her ... and it was just love at first sight!”

Taken out of context, it could have meant quite a few things! We suspect he has been teased somewhat after that ... and also after this!

A healthy booze up

MY fishing chums will be delighted to know that drinking tomato juice can significantly reduce blood pressure and ‘bad’ cholesterol, according to one of those daft studies that pop up every now and then.

But then, they are used to having it as a restorative after a night on the lash and made to exacting standards by the King of the Bloody Mary himself, Mickey Coutts, the NFU mannie from Castle Douglas.

His recipe is a closely guarded secret involving Worcester sauce, black pepper, Tabasco chilli sauce, lemon juice and just the right mix of vodka and tom-juice. There may even be horse-radish sauce in there somewhere, too, but he always turns his back on the audience while making it ... so we never really know!

However, we do know that its healthy ‘eating’ status is aided and abetted by a big stick of celery – which is one them veggies that you spend more calories eating than it gives back to you!

It is probably the most boring vegetable out there, unless you have some other contenders?