SIR, – I write in response to your question of whether Scotch salmon really is Scottish ('A chicken and egg scenario…', in

The Raider column of The Scottish Farmer, July 13).

I’m happy to clarify that, just like Scotch Beef and Lamb, our farmed Scottish salmon are also born, reared and fed in Scotland.

Yes, as noted, a good proportion have Norwegian parents, just as many breeds of crucial importance to Scotland’s farmers – such as the Simmental, Limousin, Charolais, British Blue, Holstein-Friesian, Texel and Beltex – descend from non-Scottish or UK stock.

As with other livestock sectors, Scotland’s salmon farmers are constantly looking for the best genetics to suit our growing conditions and meet the needs of consumers. However, each and every one of our salmon eggs is hatched here in Scotland, raised in Scottish freshwater, then matured out in Scottish sea pens, giving them strong Scottish provenance.

Lesley Rice

Comms and marketing manager,

Scottish Sea Farms.