There was yet another jings, crivvens help ma boab moment for The Raider this week when reading that Highland Games chiefs had to hit back at suggestions that alcohol should be banned at their events.

Advisory body, Alcohol Focus Scotland, reckons that children are impacted by the drinking behaviour of adults at such events. But Highland Games organisers say beer tents are all part and parcel of a fun family day out.

However, what really made The Raider gulp on his weekend dram was that such a beer tent ban would encompass all ‘summer family events’.

With the main show season in full swing – quite literally! – it could, indeed, lead to civil unrest. Thank goodness, then for the ‘hostility’ suites that most shows use for judges, guests and show exhibitors – and even passing TSF reporters!

Can you imagine, Orkney, Dumfries, Perth, Campbeltown and Oban without a boozer? It’s enough to turn you to drink!