SIR, – The industry’s fairly looking forward to the windfall from Bojo’s promised £160m – but will it ever materialise in farmers’ bank accounts?

Bojo’s been acting like a drunken sailor on shore leave, blowing money that he doesn’t have, on new projects that need the approval of the Cabinet and the tight-fisted Treasury His promises have been made to Conservative party members, not the electorate.

They’ve not appeared on any election manifesto, Bojo’s under no obligation to keep them and he has form at dissembling. He’s been happy to be everybody’s best buddy to get himself the job of Tory leader and PM, and he’s promised Scotland £160m convergence money that’s already been spent.

The EU has rules and Brussels will not see Bojo’s £160m as convergence money being rightfully restored to Scottish farmers. The money’s long gone and any new money allocated for Scottish farmers is likely to be seen as state aid, which is only permitted under exceptional circumstances and even if Brexit happens, state aid rules still apply.

Would the CabSec be allowed to ring-fence £160m for farming once it’s in the Scottish government coffers? How can it be spent without breaking state aid rules and since the convergence money was a Pillar 1 support, which, according to the CabSec ‘was earned by Scotland’s LFA’, would he ring-fence it for LFA farmers?

They say you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but this one sure needs close inspection.

Maimie Paterson

Upper Auchenlay,