IT’S another jings, crivvens, help ma Boab this week – this time with a wildlife bent. It has emerged that those tufted stars of the British countryside, might not be British at all!

New evidence has emerged that ‘our’ red squirrels are not that much different from the Eurasian red squirrels that are found from Europe to Japan.

Apparently, we did have a unique red, but it disappeared from its Dorset stronghold in 1897. It is thought that the Eurasian reds were brought in to fill the gap.

However, we all still hate grey squirrels!

Looking for ‘emerging leaders’

WE’VE all be appalled by some of the mis-informed media coverage of agriculture and how it functions, recently – well here’s how you can help shape the future.

The organisers of the influential Oxford Farming Conference are looking for new blood. It is looking for emerging leaders in the agri-food industry to apply for its programme for the 2020 conference.

Applications close on August 31 and it said this week: “We need to retain, develop and engage emerging talent in farming and agri-food in the industry, and this programme gives young people aged 30-41 the opportunity to hear, meet and network with some of the most progressive players in the industry as well as the media.

“The Oxford Farming Conference is looking for the best leaders in the agrifood industry. Is that you? Apply now to join the OFC 2020 conference, network with kindred spirits and have your voice heard.” Head here for more info

Stags eat beef

When our very own Ken Fletcher held his stag do last week, there was no doubting what was on the menu – red meat – and lots of it.

Three rib roasts on-the-bone and an entire on-the-bone sirloin were duly demolished by a hungry team of about 20 at The Brierie Restaurant in the River Inn, Crosslee, near Johnstone, in Renfrewshire.

However, we can report that not a bit of beef was left on any of the bones, while there was enough vegetables left to keep the entire Scottish populations of vegans happy for a week!

Chef patron, Jason Andrews, has put in a dry ageing cabinet and he said the steaks were ‘flying out of the door’, which is at least some good news for the beef industry. That’s more than can be said for some of the stags the next day!