Sir, – We all know in service to the land that one year will not plough into another!

Yet, despite this firm statement, we all tend to fall for a 'promise' – we start to build castles in the air. How much money is going to be our reward when our stock and crops will be sold! Alas that when the gavel comes down, that's the price – take it or leave it – that’s reality!

Politics is a dirty word. I recall reading a quote from a 17th century lord, who said: “There will come a day that politicians will choke on their own lies.”

Well that time is still a long way off. The latest politician promise: "Scotland is going to get £160m back” – is this fact or fiction? Even Fergus Ewing has erred on the side of caution, as the cabal in Westminster are not that respected enough to tell the truth?

Many well known commentators in The SF, recently, have expressed their opinion that our sitting Prime Minister is a rather slippery character, along with a cabinet of backstabbers. To what degree can they be trusted from their utterances?

So, has Scotland been thrown a meaty bone, a distraction, so that the dogs will start squabbling as to who is going to get the juicy part, only to find when the time comes to sink their teeth in, it is made of plastic!

So real, made in China!

So was SNP Fergus right? Today Boris is on the block and if he goes, what's next?

Angus A Macdonald