YOU EITHER love them or hate them ... pet lambs!

However, even the most hard-hearted of hand rearers do admit to becoming attached to the little blighters.

But, this was taken to a new level recently when Melanie MacLean, from the island of Benbecula, sold her 'wee pet lamb' Norman as part of her regular consignment from her croft. The lamb ended up with Jim Fowlie, at Strichen, in Aberdeenshire, but even that fairly robust farmer was surprised when Melanie turned up – after a 250-mile trip – to see if she could get Norman back. And, from a field of about 700 lambs, Norman spotted his 'mum' immediately.

The re-united pair then set off back to Benbecula. And, much to the surprise of those who know him well, Jim never accepted any repayment for the wee pet lamb. The big saftie!