Pie in the sky

Riggheid – sometimes known as David Sloan – from Collin, was caught out recently by his auld pal, Drew Watson, the contracting king of Dumfries-shire.

While on a stand at the recent Agri-Expo event at Carlisle, the pair were each given half a pie. Butterfingers Watson dropped his and when David's back was turned he swapped the 'dirty' pie for the clean one.

The Raider understands that David was none the wiser or the worse off for a wee bit of sawdust in his pie. Methinks he might be better at pie eating that driving (he know what I'm on about)!


Salmo Galore! (see cartoon)

IT WAS dubbed 'Salmo Galore' last week when a 20-tonne cargo of salmon was shed from a lorry on the A82 near Bridge of Orchy, in Argyll, this week.

Barely a trace could be found of the salmon after the incident, the suspicion being that local freezers were full to bursting with the windfall.

However, beware of strangers bearing fishy gifts. Argyll and Bute Council has warned that none of the salmon should be consumed as there may be 'food safety issues'.

Only upside is that the poachers will leave the River Orchy alone as the value of salmon in the area is hee-haw.


Empty pockets


OUR VET guru, Alasdair McNab, found himself in a bit of a pickle recently, facing an embarrassing lack of cash.

He was at Stornoway Airport en route to Benbecula and left home without any cash. He had his ticket and a credit/debit card, but with no food served on the plane and no money to buy anything at the airport as the cash machine was not working, there was little he could do but survive on handouts!

But don’t worry, he didn’t have to sing for his supper as his flight back was 6pm at night, but it did mean that all he had all day was a cup of coffee and caramel wafer at the farm he was going to. Tunnocks rule OK!