Sir, – Another day, another challenge to our meat production methods, blamed again for destroying the planet.

We all know that is absolutely not true for Scottish farming, but we need to get on the front foot in this debate and show our critics, not just tell them, how we produce meat in ways which help the planet.

The Nature Friendly Farming Network is determined and able to do that and at the same time to lobby Government for better support for nature friendly farming methods.The more our ranks are swelled by farmers who share that determination, the stronger our voice will be and the greater the chance that we'll get the support we all need to stay in business in the face of this relentless and ill-informed onslaught.

Crying 'foul' will not cut it. Demonstrating that respect for nature and responsible meat production can go hand in hand has to be a better way forward.

As an industry, we deserve the chance to show the public that truth. By joining NFFN, you will help us to do that.

Michael Clarke

Scotland chair NFFN.