Sir, – Never in our political history have we had such an ultra hard right government. So what is the future?

Never has so much money been spent on promoting far right propaganda to lie to the masses so they can be swayed into voting in what they don’t believe in, rather like mass hysteria!

Even if we go back to our Christian roots, an innocent man was sent to the cross because of controlled mass hysteria, and the same ilk is doing it today all over the world!

England voted for right wing politics, Scotland and Ireland voted for common sense. We have been occupied territories for so long, we can see through lies and promises

What's the future? Is it going to be bright or dull, will we see agriculture collapse as we know it for the favour of US products that America does not want?

Will we see our health care similar to the USA – if you cannot pay for medicines, or hospital care, you will be thrown onto the street?

All my life and when I used to be an employer, there was no point in telling or advising any persons of the danger of poor working practices . The best teacher is when you get your finger caught in a door, or when you realise your mistakes, then you have a knot in your guts!

Angus A Macdonald