Sir, Many times has your paper broached the issue of failing mental health, but what is it?

The agriculture industry is a very lonely place – you seldom see another person from one day to another, so if you have health problems who do you address your dilemma to? To your sheep or cows, your hens, your pigs? Do you talk to the tractor?

We live in an age where there is a big divide between old and young, the young are in a hell of a hurry to grow old and the old are in a hell of a hurry to die ,due to the overloaded tasks that they take on, as they think the young cannot do what they can do, yet they tend to forget that they themselves were also young, and have made several big mistakes before they got to where they are now!

Yes, we all feel lonely once in a while, I talk to my dog, Lugo. Him and I spend many hours together. I always wonder what his opinion would be of me, if he could speak? Some days in daylight hours I never see a soul, I see the wife at night when she comes home from work, and asks me did I see anyone today?

Agriculture used to be a socially accepted place for work one time, not anymore. People took time to spend a bit of time with an old neighbour, bit of chat, if a neighbour was in difficulty you nipped across and gave a hand, if you noticed that some house didn’t have a light you enquired, you just cared!

My next door neighbour Morag, she was brought up in Hamilton ,she also says they cared for old neighbours, they went to the shops for them!

Sadly all that social responsibility has disappeared, we are in the jungle of dog eat dog, we have become selfish.

'I'm alright Jock' sort of society – are we too well off?

If you are just passing, put your watch in your pocket and spend a while with your neighbour! He might think, what does he want, but he will be glad to see you!

Angus A Macdonald,