When the 'Pink Ladies' of the Belted Galloway Cattle Society descended on Berlin for the annual food and agriculture show, mischief and madness were sure to follow.

After a busy day of livestock judging, all of the breeds hosted a joint dinner in the main ring – that's where Bargaly’s Jane Landers managed to send German Galloway breeder, Olaf Hasenbein, flying when she eagerly jumped up from the group bench for a photo with a handsome Lederhosen-clad Bavarian gentleman.

After this 'attack', we're not sure whether the noise coming out of him was surprise, soreness ... or if he was just yodelling. Jane's no' one to be messed with!

NSA's Burns' night

What a talented bunch there is in NSA Scotland.

Last weekend, it enjoyed its first ever Burns Supper, in the Westlands Hotel, Dunblane, and it was a huge and entertaining success.

From the chairman, Alec Telfer – in robust form – to his brother Doug's rendition of Tam o' Shanter, and Archie Gilbert's toast to the lassies and Jen Craig's reply, it was all fun.

However, the pride of the all was the talented Bryony MacGregor, who delighted the 10-strong crowd with her singing – and she accompanied herself on the piano. Of particular note was a first hearing of a song she composed for a forthcoming Blackface Sheep Association anniversary ... it was astounding, even making some of the more robust members shed a tear. Now that takes some doing!

The Raider has been assured this will be recorded for posterity!