I SEE that students have voted to retain meat-eating in the University of Edinburgh’s campus cafe’s and restaurants run by the students’ association.

That would be down to the sheer perseverance of some of the farming and veterinary students, who pointed out the salient facts regarding the unique selling points of Scotch Beef PGI.

However, I see also this week that a house sales and letting agency down South has said it won’t honour any expense receipts that include meat. That would seem to me to be some form of discrimination that should be challenged in court.

Or maybe the firm’s meat eaters are simply having their receipts ‘amended’ ... heaven forbid!

Whit? Nae gin!

IMAGINE running a bar with nae gin? Well that’s what greeted some bull sale tourists this week in the metropolis of Stirling.

In something that’s like a bad TripAdvisor review, a team of 14 Simmental cattle breeders led by Iain Green, of Corskie, descended on Frankie and Benny’s – a normally popular eating house – for the usual apres show wind-down.

A wee spat over the fact that they did not serve gin, escalated somewhat and the group were asked to leave. Well they do say that gin is ‘mother’s ruin’ ... or in this case, ‘faither’s ruin.’

Late for Burns!

The SF’s little Burns lunch in the heart of Glasgow is deliberately late so that we can gather up some of the country’s finest speakers and singers.

That said, it was a close run thing for some of the attendees. Singer Drew Harris, the Knoydart mountain man, made it by the skin of his teeth in time to give a rendition of Westlin’ Winds as his early morning ferry plans were scuppered by Storm Caira. Meanwhile, the Cally boys, John Kyle and Ally Logan were delayed by a machinery sale which they were glad they stayed for, as a combine made more than £50k.

However, we almost had to feel sorry for Toast to the Lassies expert, Dov Henderson, Auchenrivoch, who was called home to a bad calving. We can report, though, that he was fully fortified against anything that Caira or a stormy coo could throw at him!