Sir, – It must make the dairy farmers very angry when they hear about 'milk' and 'butter' produced from plants! We all know that milk is produced by warm-blooded mammals so they can feed their young!

'Milk' produced from plants will not have the ability to feed the young as it is only starch mixed with water and has little feed value, and will maybe make your tea or coffee white, or cool it a little.

Most of us know that conmen make the best salesmen day in day out they arrive at your doorstep to sell you something you don’t want, but they are always successful to sell you some junk or other.

We, through advertising, get conned into that some fad drink is good for you – be it some type of starchy drink, or some type of juice – like at one time the fad that cranberry juice was good for the male prostrate gland. After research, it was found that you would have to drink 205 litres to have a little effect – the same was said about 'just like butter', which was supposed to be good for your heart, yet research proved this wrong. Actually, it caused obesity as it put a plaque in the liver so that this organ could not break down fat.

So, the latest craze advocated by a large 'crofter' from Fife, stated that oats was going to be the drink of the future – another vegan bandwagon pirate. 'To hell with the rest of you, I want my oats'.

If we look at what is marketed with honesty, a drink that is produced from a plant and that is barley water. The rest are conned junk!

Angus A Macdonald