Sir, – I really believe Angus Macdonald (letter in last week's issue 'Con of plant based milk') should get out more and smell the coffee, preferably with Barista grade oat milk.

Apart from the fact that many millions of people are lactose intolerant, the global demand for oat milk is rising fast as a main line dairy free alternative drink. According to FMI (Future Market Insights) the global oat drinks' market is expected to reach US$698.8m by the end of 2027, up from $372.5m in 2019. Demand in Canada, for example, rose by 500% last year.

The market leader for oat milk is Oatley, based in Sweden and who struggle to keep up with demand. Great news if you are a Swedish farmer!

Scotland and Scottish farmers have a golden opportunity which we must grasp. We grow the best oats in the world and my vision is to see a brand of oat milk, made from 100% Scottish oats, grown and made in Scotland using pure Scottish water. I also believe we can produce a better product than Oatley.

Oats are not only our native crop they are a health food and as a crop are more sustainable than, soya, almond, rice or coconut.

The next time Angus, or any of The SF reader's are in Wellington, New Zealand, head for the Prefab café and eatery'. Winner of the 'Outstanding Café of the Year Award'.

Brigette the owner has stopped selling soya milk in favour of a kiwi oat milk. Her customers love the taste and flavour of oat milk in their coffees. Would it not be fantastic if the top coffee shops around the world could offer a Scottish oat milk that both baristas and customers love?

Gordon Rennie

in Wellington,

New Zealand.