WE LIKED the story recently about the notion that, as well as talking to his plants, our heir to the throne, Prince Charles, also likes to speak to his chickens.

He quoted: "I do love chickens. They've got character. When I go out to see mine, they hear my footsteps in the distance and they all come and follow me around."

I bet you he could vent his spleen at them chooks!

Missing prizes?

WITH a remodelling of our office underway and all unnecessary 'stuff' being binned, our despatch room has come up with some interesting relics!

At one time we sponsored the Ayrshire Milk Records Society's annual awards and for some reason – probably foot-and-mouth related – the 2001 fully engraved tankards were never sent, but put on hold.

So, we'd like to repatriate them with their owners. If you are one of the the following: J Lynch, Garryhorn; R McInnes, Grassyards; or J and J Thomson, Mossend; and you wish to have them belatedly sent on, then contact ken.fletcher@thescottishfarmer.co.uk

They really are quite fine tankards!