SOCIAL distancing is not a hard thing for farmers to do – except when they meet up tractor to tractor!

But our cartoonist, Wull (AKA Jim Oswald), seems to have captured the mood of what it must be like on a large and busy fruit farm in this week's cartoon – at least in a flippant way!

We can only hope that all the measures that have assuredly been put in place will allow the timely arrival of the fruits for what Scotland has become famous for, strawberries and rasps.

The shot challenge

THE RAIDER attempted what has been a largely farming-based fund raiser for the NHS this week – the mixed bag of fun that was the raw egg, spoonful of sugar then a large dram challenge.

Each part of the task had a different challenge, but there's a sneaking suspicion that some had been bending the rules somewhat by opting for unusually small eggs. In the run up to 'my' challenge, I'd witnessed several video posts of those with at least a pullet or bantie egg and then one heinous attempt with a quail's egg – at least Jim McKechnie, Gartocharn, made up for it with a decent-sized dram!

Me? We only have 'large' eggs in this hoose and I was fortunate to have enough Bunnahabhain remaining to fulfil the last bit of the challenge ... and take the taste away!

Well done on all who've participated. It will be interesting to see just how much all of this 'suffering' will raise!

Best ever burger?

STICKING to the culinary theme, I think I may have had the best burger ever last weekend.

Prompted by 'Mrs Galloway' herself, Dot Goldie, the memsahib was despatched forthwith to the local Aldi to procure the seasonal arrival of the Galloway Burger.

It was well worth it. Generally acknowledged by the household to be the 'best ever', I would recommend that you taste one of these while stocks last.

A great effort by the breed society and Aldi for recognising the tasty benefits of the breed – it could, though, have been packaged better to be more of a 'stand out' on the shelves. But tasty? YASSSS.