We've heard of lambs being twinned on to foster mothers, goats and even the odd coo, but a wee story from Wales shows that ponies can be handy to have too!

Heidi, a Welsh Mountain pony belonging to Becky Popham, of Somerset, took a shine to three rejected and orphan lambs . The 10 year-old mare became very protective of the three wee yins and even started producing some milk, even though it was fives years since she last foaled.

Topped up by bottle-feeding, the lambs, Prince,Dewdrop and George are all doing fine.

Don't think it's a long term solution to orphan lambs though!

Lettuce alone

The Raider hears that Hugh Hamilton, from Tower, Sanquhar, is on a diet these days!

Well, we don't think he meant to be, but it appears he picked up the wrong 'piece box' when heading out early bone morning for a hard hill gather at Muirkirk.

An exhausted team from the Walker empire, based at Drumbuie, eventually sat down to lunch and Hugh (Shug) had been telling everyone how much he was looking forward to his favourite piece that had been packed for him. Imagine his surprise when he opend the Tupperware to find it full of lettuce.

Now, 'herding man cannot live by green stuff alone, and so once the rest of the crew had stopped laughing, they all contributed a small share of their 'piece'.

One would imagine Shug would need more than a bag of lettuce, two grapes and a banana to keep him going though!