Well, for once, we CAN blow our own trumpet.

Thanks to the readers of The Scottish Farmer, our 'Show that never was' kist party was a huge success – though we'd be the first to admit, nothing like as good as the real thing.

However, we can tell you that up to this point, our three 'kist party' nights hosted on facebook amassed more than 70,000 visitors – so thanks to all who tuned in and for their very many kind words.

We also have to thank the many people who took part – too many to mention – but a special thank you to the polished performances from Farmers Choirs' conductress, Kate Picken and her daughter, Jennifer, from Torrs, Kirkcudbright, who rounded off the last evening with a superb rendition of Caledonia.

But the sight of Rab Paterson, from Dunblane, in the shower that will give many of us nightmares for years. It was such a sight that would 'spean a foal'.