When Liz Truss wrote her article in The SF, recently, did she really believe the content of what she wrote?

I suppose she voted against the Parish Amendment along with the blackleg Scottish Tories? The truth of the matter is at present the UK exports 11% of its GDP to USA and most of that is in financial services – it exports 53% to the EU.

It is fact that the UK has not sat down at a deal table for 40 years – all trade deals were made by the EU for the benefit of all EU countries!

Now UK is in open waters and the crew it has is made of the people that never did anything for anyone but themselves and one wonders how on Earth they are going to change?

This country at present is run by those who never considered the truth as a way of life. They got us to leave a stable market place, they have fallen out with the biggest economy in the world – China with a population of 1.5 billion – and they seem to think that the other countries will trade with 'them' when they are in a very weak position?

One per cent of what China buys on the world market, the UK could not meet in its current production, and that covers all that the UK produces.

USA will nitpick that they will only trade with the UK if we accept their standards, and only offer what is good for the USA, and they will break any deal when they want whereas we can't!

And like Donald Trump already told us, the NHS has to be on the table! And the desperate weak will put the NHS on the table and it will be a done deal before we know it, as all our media services are USA owned and that includes the BBC.

No one can run a business or a country on make believe. We have a Prime Minister who models his life style on HenryVIII – but at least Henry married the mothers.

At present this country is run on the emotions that can ruin one life; love of money, envy, and jealousy!!!

Angus A Macdonald,