Sir, – The pandemic is highlighting another avenue of our society that has always been underfunded like the NHS.

Agriculture is the other lame duck that's been poorly funded and being abused to allow prices to drop dangerously low. It suffered the scorn of the Tory party, who put forward plans that it would be cheaper to import food than produce it at home!

Where is this wonderful policy now, when supermarket shelves are empty?

Is this country facing a famine like in the US, where they are dumping milk and meat products, and their fruit industry is in tatters because the White House ordered foreign workers home?

We face the same as we have a grave shortage of labour to support agricultural industries and farms. No provision had been made for a time of crisis?

We have too much 'dross' in boardrooms and in government – cushioned employees that have had it so good and the only requirement of their skills was to tick boxes. It is another thing when crisis comes and these stars' only avenue is to resign – throw the problems they have created into someone else's lap!

For 10 years under a Tory government, we went through 'austerity', yet in that time our warmongering friends got to build two aircraft carriers at a cost of £10bn and 100 Fe35 aircraft costing £100m each.

Yet, we haven't got enough Navy personnel to man the boats, or enough trained pilots to fly the jets!

Then the blame game starts – What's that smell? Has anyone farted? Blame the dog! Kick the poor mutt, that's the problem solved!

Angus A Macdonald